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DOCTOR KRAPULA • American Photographer Mark Fisher • Images Released From New York


• American Photographer Mark Fisher • 

Images Released From New York

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Formed in Bogota Colombia for 7 musicians in 1998. In 10 year career and 6 record works "Carnival of the Pin", "Give the Wuelta to Disk", "Pumps", "Sacred Heart", "Heart Pumps Alive" and "Living Planet", the members of Doctor Krápula managers have positioned themselves as conscious art movement in Latin America.
It has a powerful live show has made an impact on heart and memory transcend more than one million people in more than 500 presentations. The love of his followers and the persistent and continuous work have earned more than 10 awards Shock of music, 4 Awards Our Land, 3 nominations at the MTV Latin Awards, a nomination in the Top 40 Awards in Spain, 2 nominations Latin Grammy and the planet alive festival day May 18, 2012, in addition to countless awards from the specialized press and massive thanks to their music and their actions.
Doctor's music sounds Krápula own mixture of Ska to Reggae , Rock , Punk , Rocksteady , and initially with tropical rhythms likeMerengue in even the Salsa is a dance music that is left and left to reflect and has managed to break into large markets without negotiating the revolutionary character of his lyrical essence.
The lyrical message Krapula Doctor invites a shift, on issues such as respect for animal life and the environment and conservation of natural resources, political issues also inviting touches the unit and leaving the armed conflict in Colombia and internationally, on issues such as respect for the indigenous and peasant, his right to freedom as a people and recognition of their land, some of their songs speak of love by giving her album a perfect balance between Fire, Love Revolution and Sabor.

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